The Japan Foundation

Through culture, language and dialogue, the Japan Foundation creates global opportunities to foster friendship, trust and mutual understanding. The Japan Foundation was established in October 1972 as a special legal entity that bears the core responsibility of promoting international cultural exchange in Japan. On October 1, 2003, it was reorganized as an independent administrative institution. The Japan Foundation conducts various cultural programs mainly in the following fields:

  1. Promotion of arts and cultural exchange

The Japan Foundation works to introduce a diverse variety of facets of Japanese culture, from art, music, drama, and film to fashion and design, to the world. By creating opportunities for people to share the joy of co-creation and better understand each other in ways that transcend language, it facilitates deeper cultural exchange between people.

  1. Promotion of Japanese-language education overseas

The Japan Foundation works to create and enhance Japanese-language education environments worldwide in order to give more people around the world opportunities to study Japanese. It also coordinates with governments and educational institutions in a variety of countries and regions to provide effective support aimed at meeting local needs.

  1. Promotion of Japanese studies and intellectual exchange overseas

The Japan Foundation organizes symposiums and collaborative projects to deepen dialogue among experts in various countries, in addition to supporting individual scholars in Japanese studies. It also works to promote the formation of personal networks with the aim of solving global issues.




Mr. Kojima Hiroyuki

Hiroyuki Kojima graduated from Kyoto University (Japanese Literature) in 1992 and joined the Japan Foundation the same year. During his career, he has been mainly engaged in the intellectual exchange and civil society networking programs in Asia. He has extensive working experience in the Asian region, including three overseas assignments, namely the deputy director of the Japan Foundation Manila office (1996-2000), the deputy director of the Beijing office (2006-2010), and the director of the Seoul office (2012-2015). He serves as the managing director of the Planning Department since 2017 and is currently working on the mid-term planning and program evaluation of the organization.

【講者介紹】Mr. Kojima Hiroyuki, The Japan Foundation

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